About our Mission

Home Prediction You’re shopping for a new home or investment property. You figure you’ll use one of the many search tools readily available online. But then your search yields listings by the hundreds, leaving you to wade through options without clear criteria, expert guidance, or infinite time.

Online search tools lack the savvy and opinion of a real estate agent, who starts your search with listings that match your desires and needs. Without this preliminary direction, your search has the potential to be frenetic and overwhelming.

Home Prediction provides guidance while retaining the ease, breadth, and freedom of an online search tool. Augmenting the role of the real estate agent, our proprietary algorithm considers what you desire in a home—and then generates the listings to match. We use MLS data from Eastern Massachusetts to run opinionated searches based on things that matter to you—like finding a home you love for a great value.

Unlike other home search tools, Home Prediction puts you on the right path towards finding your new home. Start your search now, or contact an agent.